Dog who fell off to the boat found alive days later after swimming six miles to shore

A shrimp boat captain named Keith Soffes from San Leon, Texas has a dog named Monster who loves him so much and never leaves his side. It also accompanies him in his daily routine of runts on the water.

One day, their trip broke Keith’s heart because Monster fell overboard and was suddenly gone without a trace. He searched everywhere and hoped that his dog will show up but it didn’t.

He posted on his Facebook saying how broken he is after losing his beloved dog Monster. He also shared a story of them and hopes to see Monster again. He even received a lot of support and prayers from a lot of people.

After six days, Keith received a call from Fox 26 Houston, saying that they saw Monster alive and well after its adventure at the sea. They found her reaching the shore and Keith was so happy after hearing the good news.

The brave dog survived the five and six miles to shore going to Galveston Bay, Keith couldn’t believe what Monster did because he knew that dogs can’t swim that long.

Now, they are finally reunited and become happy again having each other’s company. According to Keith, he cried a lot and he can’t even talk because Monster gives him a lot of kisses.

We are so happy knowing that Monster was brave and comes back alive and healthy. It’s really a miracle!

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