Worried mother cat brought her sick kitten to the Human Hospital to find someone will help them

In Istanbul, the photos of this mommy cat with her baby in the hospital went viral on social media. 

The photo was shared by Merve Ozcan on Twitter and shows the stray cat mom bringing her sick kitten to a human hospital.

The photo was shared by thousands of people on the country’s social networks. Many people get in touch with what they saw in the photo.

The Turkish media said that the doctors rushed to help the stray cats, they held them and checked the kitten and they saw it has heart failure. They immediately bring them to a veterinarian. The mother cat followed her baby everywhere and did not let him out of her sight. 

While the sick kitten was being cared for, they give milk and food to the mother cat.

The heartrending moment appeared on all Turkish social media, a lot of people admire the paramedics and medical staff of the Istanbul Hospital for their kindness. 

If there’s a chance to help homeless animals. please help them, because we don’t know what they’re going through. We can give them happiness by giving them a home or food or if you don’t have anything just take them to the nearest shelter. 

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