Woman watches her neighbors abandon their senior cat and decides to save him

The woman named Maria saw her neighbors were about to move out, but the sad thing was their cat will leave them at the old house. Maria was living right across the street, and her neighbor was directly in front of her house so she saw the heartbreaking moment for the poor cat.

Maria thought that her neighbors will ask her to take care of the cat instead of leaving him alone but sadly, they didn’t tell anyone and they just left him alone.

When Maria’s neighbor already left the house, she saw that the poor cat was still there and waiting for his owners to come back home because when there was car movement, the cat will quickly look up to check who was inside.

Whether it was raining, he will still wait patiently wait outside and he looks very broken. At that moment, Maria knew that she needs to help the poor cat and make him happy for his golden years.

Maria started to gain the cat’s trust, at first, every time the cat saw Maria it will quickly run away from her but then, Maria slowly got his trust until the cat totally let her close to him. She quickly brought the poor cat to the vet and let him stay there for four days to receive all the medical attention that he needed.

After four days, Maria went back to pick him up and she found out that the cat was healthier and stronger. Maria was so happy after hearing the good news. She named the cat Rolo because of its cute eyes.

When they arrived home, Rolo still looks at his old house but Maria will do everything to make him happy. And despite being an old cat, Rolo was still playful and active like a kitten.

According to Maria, Rolo loves to play with balls and soccer and his favorite thing to do is to roll in the dirt because he loves being outside so Maria’s family lets him do what he wants but if the weather gets bad like windy, hot, or too cold they will not allow him to stay outside.

Maria was so kind-hearted for giving this poor cat a new lovely home where he can spend his golden years while receiving lots of love and affection.

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