Woman finds her beloved cat on Facebook 2 years after he went missing…

Life is full of surprises, sometimes it feels like a miracle. And the story below is an example: Never give up hope!!

A lot of cat loves to go outside and do their things after that they will come back to their home. Jimmy the cat is one of them, he really loves to go in and out too. Then one day his mom is worried because jimmy is not yet home.

Image: Sue Zelistsky

Sue Zelistsky told The Dodo “He used to go in and out every day but always came back, except that one night”

So Zelitsky family were so nervous and started to find him every day. Days were passing by but still they didn’t find Jimmy in that time they completely lost their hope to see their beloved Jimmy again so they stop looking for him.

After two years, they saw the West Animal Shelter’s Facebook post with a picture of a homeless cat who seen on streets and it looks like their cat Jimmy!  They went to the shelter immediately and check if it’s really their adorable cat.

Jimmy was found by the west Milford Animal Shelter just about ten miles from Zelitsky house.

When they got into the shelter, Sue quickly checked and opened the cage and she was so shocked!

Image: Sue Zelistsky

“As soon as we opened the cage I asked him, ‘Jim, is that you bud?’ And he walked over and head-butted me and I just starting crying,” Sue said.

Image: Sue Zelistsky

Finally! After two years and after losing their hope to find their lovely cat they still found him! Jimmy is really meant to be with Zelitsky Family.

Image: Sue Zelistsky
Image: Sue Zelistsky

The saying is real! Don’t lose hope because while there is life there is hope!

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