Woman Comes Back to The Shelter Together with Her Adopted Cat to Find Its Brother

Just a few weeks old, two kittens – born with a congenital eye abnormalities – were taken to a local shelter. An avid fosterer/rescuer Jen decided to take care of and adopt them, giving them a forever home together

In the local shelter in Virginia, there were two brother kittens and they are a few weeks old and have congenital eye abnormalities. The kind-hearted woman named Jen is an avid fosterer/ rescuer who learned the story of the two brothers and she decided to help them.

Jen first adopted Bop after a few days after his eyes had been removed because of microphthalmia which Bop’s both eyes are very small and didn’t form correctly and it can’t be saved so Bop has never been able to see. Although the surgery became very hard for Bop, he survived it no matter what.

“I knew he had a brother but they were not in a cage together. Boop was being made immediately available for adoption, while Bop still needed to recover from his eye surgery and post-op ordeal. Over the next week, I couldn’t get Boop out of my mind.” Jen said

Jen immediately went back to the shelter to find Bop’s brother and she ask the shelter if she can adopt Bop too, Jen was so happy after they said yes to her. After that, she quickly went home and surprise Boop.

“Boop has a condition called eyelid agenesis, where part of the eyelids do not form, leading to discomfort and chronic eye infections,” Jen said

The vets said that Boop needs surgery to repair his eye and that surgery is very expensive and delicate and if he was not adopted by a person who can afford the surgery, he will have a discomfort life and a possible chronic infection.

The foundation called Lost Dog and Cat Rescue has raised funds for Boop that’s why he had the surgery done by a local ophthalmologist. Although Boop can’t see any more he can still able to navigate and do everything like a normal cat.

Jen started to teach Boop how to use the stairs and get up on furniture but now he zips up and down the stairs, climbs at the tree, races around the house and he can even find his favorite toys if they are under the furniture.

Bop is always there for his brother and he is never far from him, Boop didn’t leave his brother’s side too and he loves to take Boop to explore new things and places.

According to Jen, Boop humps onto a dresser, and Bop will hear how far away his brother and he will follow his lead. They will chase each other around the house, they will do wrestling together with other cat residents and the most favorite thing to do is to cuddle with their foster parents.

“Aside from being brave, he is also a total love bug. He excels at making biscuits, loves to lick noses, and gets so excited about being a pet that sometimes he can’t settle down long enough to get pet!” Jen said

Boop needs to come back to the vet for his surgery, and it went successfully. Boop quickly offered comfort and cuddles to his brother.

The lovely brothers didn’t think that they are different from the other cats and they are very happy having the best foster parent who gave them lots of love and attention.

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