Woman built a “Cat ladder” for those homeless so they can come in when it’s cold outside

A kind-hearted woman built a staircase to the window of her house so local homeless cats could climb through the window for warmth and food during the harsh winter cold.

Winter is the most difficult season for homeless animals, they can freeze to death if they don’t have a home or a place they can stay for a while.

Four years ago, in Turkey has been a typical winter season, the generous and kind-hearted woman named Sebnem Ilhan made a ladder so the homeless cats can go up and enter her house where they can stay and feel comfortable.


“I made the ladder so the cats can come into my comfortable house,” she said.

Ilhan is working as a dentist in the town of Tekirdag, when she saw the homeless cats that are suffering in the cold, she thinks of a solution for them and she decided to turn her home into a refuge from the winter season.


The woman also added some ornaments to her window because she is not sure about her neighbors’ reaction.

“I figured if I put some flower pots there, no one would mind,” she said.

But her neighbor’s reactions were extremely favorable, especially the numerous kittens that have taken advantage of her offer of a comfortable and warm home.

When Ilhan is not working, she spends all her time with the homeless animals, she feeds and cares for them.

“I try to help all the animals that I can find as much as I can, I wish there were no hungry or thirsty animals, only happy ones,” she said.

Ilhan continues her mission form helping the homeless animals in her city. She is a hero who doesn’t need anything, she just wants to help those poor animals who don’t have someone to rely on. You are amazing Ilhan!


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