Woman Adopts Shy Cat and Returns to Shelter for His Blind Brother

The kind-hearted woman named Lola Ayers went to the shelter to look for a perfect cat, there she met Humphrey, a kitten who was born with a congen.ital condition called Microphthalmia in which the eyes of the cat are ɑƅnormally small.

The poor cat has very poor sight so he uses his heightened senses to help him navigate and do other things like what a normal cat does.


According to Lola, she knew that Humphrey was the one when she first saw him because Humphrey interacted with her differently compared to the other cats. That’s why Lola quickly fell in love with him.


While Lola is asking about the Cat, she sees another cat who also has a congenital condition. After the papers about Humphrey’s adoption, they finally went home together.


Lola can’t stop thinking about the other cat after several months she went home with Humphrey. She was wondering if the cat had found a new home, so she decided to go to the Facebook page of Purr Nation in Woodstock.


She immediately reached out to the rescue and she was surprised when she found out that the kitten with the same eye abnormality as Humphrey was its birth brother and it was still looking for a lovely home.


Without any hesitation, Lola quickly offered to adopt him. The shelter was so happy about the good news that’s why they waived the adoption fee for the cat.

Edgar & Humphrey

Humphrey’s brother named Edgar was totally blin.d. When Lola brought Edgar home, Humphrey quickly recognized his brother by his scent and followed him around the house. Finally, after seven months, the brothers were back again together in their new lovely home.

“They’re both very protective of each other, and they’re always watching to make sure the other is safe. Humphrey is definitely the protector since Edgar can’t see as well.” Lola said

According to Lola, the two brothers have the sweetest personality, they love to cuddle and talk to their humans. Their favorite things to do is to run around the house and get in trouble together.

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