White Cat Suddenly Shows Up at Someone’s Door Together with Her Kittens, Ends Up Finding a Place of Her Own

One day, there was a cat who shows up on the family’s porch together with two 5-6 months old kittens who looks like looking for shelter and food. The family reached out for help and contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue (SCR) to bring the family cat into a safe place because they noticed that the mommy cat was pregnant.

SCR contacted their fellow rescue which is Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue to make sure that the Pregnant cat will have a comfortable home where she can raise her upcoming babies while her older kittens were put up for adoption and quickly found a new loving home together.

There was a volunteer foster mom named Monica who offered her home and took the pregnant cat into her home.  She named the pregnant cat Ally and she fell in love with her.

Ally was happy being an indoor cat and all she wanted to do was hang out with her humans and have some snuggle. She will find a perfect lap or arm to cuddle up.

After two weeks, Ally finally brought new five healthy kittens into the world. She was so attentive and nurturing to her kittens and she was so catered to them. The kittens didn’t feel lacked an ounce of love as they nursed on their mom in a comfortable warm nest.

“They are so loved by Ally with the many hugs she gives freely, and she is quite attentive to their every peep to make sure all needs are met. I feel honored to foster them as I am on the receiving end watching their start in life.” Monica said

Ally watched her babies every step of the way to make sure that they didn’t wander too far. When the kittens are already three weeks old, they began to play with toys and they finally use the litter box for the first time, they even do wrestling skills with each other. They also received lots of kisses from their mom.

When the kittens are big enough, Ally is finally ready to let them go and she will do what she loved and that is to spend time with her humans and be the center of attention. The two of her kittens were adopted together, and the other three kittens are still looking for their new lovely home.

Ally also found a new family and her previous owner quickly fell in love with her, she welcomed her into their lovely home and introduced her to her new feline and canine siblings. Her new family changed her name to Aoife, she was now recovering from being spayed.

They can’t wait to see Aoife transform and discover a new life without kittens and away from the streets. Her new owners will make sure that she will have the happiest life together with them and her new fur siblings.

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