Vets said that this special cat wouldn’t live to see 6 months but after 4 years, look at him now

A special cat named Kevin was born with a serious condition and the doctors said that he only has months to be alive, but the miracle cat conquered it all and live more years and now has a loving human named Tailah.

“His mama is a veterinary nurse and a lovely lady found him in a carpark when he was around 4 weeks old and surrendered him to the clinic. I fell in love with him straight away and knew I had to give him a chance. I was warned that he wouldn’t live to see me for 6 months and to not become attached. I told myself that even if he passed away, I gave him all the loving I could. 4 years later and he’s still my best little love bug.” Tailah explained

According to the vet, Kevin has hydrocephalus, or what we all know is fluid on his brain. It was a serious condition because it can also impact his sight, hearing, and brain function. Luckily, Kevin is not totally blind and deaf and he has never shown any signs of discomfort.

“For Kevin, the biggest concern was that he would seizure. 4 years in and he’s never had one! He shows no signs of nausea and is the happiest little kitten,” Tailah said

Kevin is so tiny for his age. He loves playing in his man cave and loves to cuddle with his humans.

“His man cave is the name we’ve given to his own personal balcony that has been enclosed and fitted with a cat door. It’s also been styled with some luxurious cat grass, a house, and endless toys!” Taliah said

They didn’t allow Kevin to go outside because he has less average sight and hearing and they are afraid that there might something happen to him.



Taliah said that if you met Kevin in real life, you will see how funny, happy, and silly a cat he is. Scroll down to see his funny but cute photos that will surely melt your heart.

We hope that Kevin can have more many years so he can see and feel how special and lucky he is with his lovely human.

2 thoughts on “Vets said that this special cat wouldn’t live to see 6 months but after 4 years, look at him now

  1. I am very happy that this precious baby is doing so well I love the way he looks & feels I have a feeling that Kevin is going to continue to be Happy & Healthy Love to Both

  2. I have a sweet kitty named Marmalade cuz she’s a orange striped tabby. She isn’t special needs like Kevin but I’d welcome one in my home.

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