Unwanted Blind Senior Cat Travels 1300 Miles Just to Find a Forever Home

The blind cat named Griffin was sold by a breeder in Arizona before but the poor cat was brought back to the animal shelter in Arkansas. Griffin was about to be euthanized together with the other cats.

There was a woman who learned the story of the senior cat so she adopted it just to prevent the poor cat from being euthanized. But the woman has no idea that Griffin was a Savannah cat, it’s a crossbreed between an African several and a domestic cat which means that Griffin has strong hunting instincts and high energy.

When Griffin was brought to his new home, his new owner keeps him in her backyard. Two weeks after living as an indoor cat, Griffin became severely dehydrated and sick in the hot temperatures that’s why the woman had no choice but to bring him back to Community Cats of Central Arkansas.

There was a woman named Sarah who heard the news about the cat, she quickly sent a photo of Griffin to her vet and they immediately identified Griffin as a Savannah cat. The woman was so shocked when she saw Griffin because it was skin and bones and its horrible.

According to the vet, a healthy Savannah cat should be 20-25 pounds, but poor Griffin weighed for 7 pounds only.

“He was 15 pounds underweight. Pictures don’t do it justice,” Sarah said

They also found out that Griffin has a microchip so they decided to do some investigation. When Sarah found out that Griffin was originally sold by a breeder in Arizona, she can’t believe how an expensive 15-year-old exotic cat end up in rural Arkansas and was about to be euthanized.

Sarah didn’t stop contacting the microchip records, she finally knew the story of Griffin. She found out that Griffin had bounced between 5 different homes before turning up in her care and no one of Griffin’s owners wants to take him back. The poor senior cat became unwanted and rejected over and over again.

Griffin has two cataracts and an early kidney failure and a severe UTI. Sarah didn’t waste a time. She gave Griffin some antibiotics and IV fluids, Griffin needs to have a special treatment plan and diet in order to be stable.


Sarah saw Griffin with a strong will to live despite his condition. That’s why Sarah will make sure that Griffin will spend his golden years receiving lots of love and care.


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