Unwanted Blind Cat Finally Found Someone Who Truly Loves Him

In London, there was a woman named Kerry Denman who visited a bunch of kittens at the shelter to have some cuddles, but she doesn’t want to adopt one. But when Kerry looks around the shelter, she noticed a little gray and white kitten alone while sitting on top of the laundry basket.

She found out that the kitten was born blind with patellar luxation and skeletal abnormalities, Kerry shared that when she first picked the kitten up it just curled up into a ball in her hand, and then Kerry stroked his head and he relaxed.

When Kerry went home after the visit, she can’t stop thinking about the poor kitten and after many thoughts, she decided that the little cat needs someone who will love him.

She went back to the shelter and adopt the little kitten and name him Louie, when they arrived home, Louie quickly settled into his new surroundings and even adjusted with flying colors.

“His first day home was nerve-wracking for me. But for him, he didn’t show any signs of being scared. He was exploring straight off. He just went about himself as he’d always been with me.” Kerry said

At first, when there are lots of people in their house, Louie looks a little nervous and will only follow Kerry’s voice and sit near her, maybe Louie feels safe when he was with Kerry.

According to Kerry, Louie loves toys that will make noise, maybe because it has no sight so he will enjoy running around the room.

“He follows us around, and he doesn’t like to be left out of action. He’ll always be wanting to know what’s going on. He purrs a lot and is very specific with cuddles. He will lie between my legs when I’m in bed.” Kerry said

It looks like Louie’s sense and his whiskers combined to work together so well that his lack of sight isn’t such a life changer. After many years, Louie transformed into a beautiful fluffy cat. Despite having health issues, Louie became brave and enjoy his happy life. Louie’s personality was so happy and always calm, you can really feel his will to live like a normal cat.

“Cats like Louie aren’t so different to a cat that’s not blind. Caring for Louie has been so rewarding because I’ve got to witness the strength and resilience that cats have when faced with what we perceive as limitations,” Kerry said

Kerry doesn’t have any idea that she will be going to have a loving cat after visiting the shelter but know, they really look happy having each other’s company. We are also happy for Louie for having the life that he really deserves.

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