Unbelievable…This cat miraculously survived after being buried in rubble for 32 days 😮

This cat named Rocco was found in the rubble when the firefighters of Vigili del Fuoco are cleaning up the rubble because of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake. While cleaning up they hear faint meows so they continue to sift through the debris and they are surprised to see a gray and white long-haired cat that was trapped between the stones inside the collapsed house.

Thankfully, the cat was still alive and safe after being trapped under the rubble for 32 days.

Rocco was dehydrated but still, he is in a good condition. It’s really a miracle for him to survive without any source of food and water. Maybe this cat is smart and very resourceful.

Surprisingly, Rocco’s owners were there at the time to see the demolition of their home. They don’t have any idea that their lovely cat was still alive.


When they saw the cat they were filled with joy and it must’ve been the surprise of a lifetime.

They immediately checked and treated Rocco with the help of a vet. Named Cristiana Graziani, said that Rocco was tired but he is in a good condition.

After being cared for, Rocco felt much better.

This story reminds us that no matter what happened, or how hard the situation is you need to be strong.  Never give up because there is hope.

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