Tiny kitten suddenly appears in the backyard and seeking help

When the woman named Lindsay saw a black kitty in her garden, she thought that it was a beautiful gift so she quickly picks it up and help it. The kitten looks so hungry and it starts at Lindsay with tenderness.

After a few minutes of realization, the kitten started to meow softly after she knew that she was in the right hand. Lindsay gives her the first bath, the kitten was in the bad shape, and it has a lot of fleas. Lindsay decided to bring her to the Flatbush Cats where she can receive treatment. The vet doctor gave her vitamins and said that she needs to gain more weight and strength.

There was a volunteer woman named Amanda who decided to give the kitten a loving home so that she can take care of it all the time, she even named her Pepper.

According to Amanda, Pepper is now safe and sound and free from fleas. After a few days, Pepper gained lots of confidence and she can now show her true color. Her health also recovered and it’s time for her to find her forever home.

She quickly finds a new home and Pepper now has an older cat brother named Brewski who always watched for her and takes care of her. Their mom loves them so much and always gives them kitty snacks.

Pepper got the life that she really deserves! She is now happy with her new loving family together with her lovely brother.


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