This tiny kitten is so happy to walk and run with his four paws for the first time.

This cute tiny little cat named Rubbix was born with a pair of twisted back legs.  After a few weeks, he and his sister named Boo was brought to Chatons Orphelins Montreal, it’s a cat rescue in Montreal Canada.

Rubbix’s legs are twisted at 180 degrees and his paws went the other way. He is moving around using his front legs and back knees.


Although he had an abnormality in his legs, Rubbix didn’t seem to notice any difference. When they were at the clinic, all he wanted to do was to play with feathers. He looks so lovely and gentle.

The tiny kitten always wanted to have everyone’s attention and loves to play whenever he noticed that something is moving. Nothing can stop him from having fun.


In able to walk properly, sur.gery is the best way to correct his twisted legs. They took the cat to an orthopedic specialist.

“The sooner the procedure is performed, the more probable it is that favorable outcomes will be achieved,” Celine said. She is a member of the shelter.

Finally! After 24 hours of operation, Rubbix was up and strolling around the room without any assistance.

The cat looked so happy because he is able to walk life like a normal cat. He immediately searched every corner of his house and wanted to roam around everywhere. Seems he was full of excitement with his newfound mobility.

Literally, his life changed after his operation. Rubbix is 14 weeks old now and well on his way to a full recovery.

Despite many problems, Rubbix is always in a good spirit and still loves to play with everyone.

We are grateful to those people who didn’t leave his side when he is having a hard time with his legs. You guys are amazing!

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