This homeless mother cat approaches the rescuers and leads them to her all tiny kittens

Whether it’s a human or animal, mothers’ love is truly unconditional, they will do anything no matter how hard it is just to protect their lovely children. The story of this mother cat in New South Wales in Australia is a great example of unconditional love.

When a passerby saw this mother cat on the side of the road, he immediately calls CAT Rescue 901, it’s a Terrey Hills-based rescue organization, and the rescuers quickly went to the location. When the rescuers came the mother car quickly approached them and brought them to her adorable three little kittens. The mother cat was so thin seems she did everything to feed and protect her babies.

The family cat needs medical care, so when they pick up the cats and brought them to the shelter, they immediately give them food and water because they are obviously starving. After that, they brought them to the vet for their check-up where they found out that the three tiny kittens had eyelids agenesis. It’s a congenital condition that causes the kitten to have no eyelids and will lead them to blindness if they didn’t receive proper medication. After their check-up, the rescuers allowed them to rest on a comfortable bed, well-fed and bathed.

The founder of the rescue group named Jenny said that not many people can afford eye genesis surgery because it’s too expensive.

But the shelter makes sure that the kitten will soon recover, they will do everything like what their mommy cat did to them.

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