They adopted the ugliest cat at the shelter and they couldn’t be happier

This cat named Banjo was older and has a different look, he was just sitting at the shelter and waiting for someone who will adopt him, so he can have a forever home.

Sadly, the people were just passed by him and looking for other cute and younger cats.

After patiently waiting, there was a lovely family who saw him and fell in love with him. They quickly brought him home, and after that Banjo feels very happy.

Banjo’s grumpy face has received plenty of relatable love on the internet. But despite having a grumpy face, He is sweet and lovely.

“That cat has been working at the DMV for twenty-three years,” one Reddit user

A lot said that he looks like Gollum from the Lord of the ring movie.

A big thanks to the lovely family who adopted him because if they did not adopt Banjo he will have been put down.

Now, Banjo is living his happiest life together with his new lovely family.

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