The Woman and Her Adopted Kitten Are Still Together After 30 Years

A woman from England named Michele Foster was about 20 years old when she found a tiny kitten 30 years ago.

When they arrived home, she named the kitten Rubble and they became closer the cat is her most loyal companion since then because, after 30 years, they are still together and became inseparable.

The kitten grew very fond and blossomed into a beautiful cat with a lovely personality.

“His owner got him as a kitten just before her 20th birthday in May 1988. Rubble has lived in Hertfordshire and Aston Clinton before moving down to Devon 17 years ago in 2001, he’s a well-traveled cat. He lives with six other cats. They all get on extremely well but Rubble is the leader of the pack.” City vet posted on Facebook

The senior cat visits the clinic regularly to monitor his health because his mom wants to make sure that he is fit and healthy. At the age of 25, they came to the clinic to remove his thyroid gland and have some dental treatment but he is still healthy.

“He made a fantastic recovery, and he was seen here after his surgery, tapping his bowl impatiently for more food. Not bad for a 25-year-old,” the city vet said

And when he turned 26-year-old, Michele brought him to the clinic regularly for a check-up, and he always passed the physical examinations. The doctor said that despite being old, the cat still manages to be playful and active.

“We think he is a Maine Coon cross. Rubble enjoys an active life with lots of cat naps. He looks fantastic and is still very much young at heart.” City vet added.

When Rubble turned 30, he became the clinic’s oldest patient and also the oldest cat in the UK! They also surprised him with some balloons together with his favorite food. He is now on medication for his blood pressure but aside from that Rubble was perfectly fine.

Look at the cutest photo of Rubble Before and After! It’s totally cute and adorable. We wish for healthier life so he can have more beautiful memories with his lovely human.

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