The owner of the cat that nearly died explains why It’s terribly dangerous to own a salt lamp

We all know that there are things and foods that are dangerous to our pets, but there are still some other things that are dangerous for them that we don’t know. Pet owners know that there are certain household items that can destroy or be hazardous around their pets.

But, pet owners should add this Himalayan salt lamp to their list to avoid danger. After one woman shared the horrible story of her cat’s near-death experience.

A Himalayan salt lamp is so popular that is used as a trendy decoration where people can put candles and lightbulbs inside, but for cats? It can be deadly.

Maddie Smith from New Zealand is the one who shared that story, she posted the consequences on her Facebook and the post was shared by veterinarian clinics.

Maddie quickly woke up after finding her cat named Ruby walking really differently and exhibiting odd behavior.

At first, she thought that Ruby was just chilly so she wrapped her up with blankets before leaving for their days. When Maddie returned back home, Maddie found that Ruby is not getting better, her condition had become worse.

A lot of pet owners were so thankful to Maddie for sharing her experience.

I hope we can learn more about things that will be dangerous to our pets. And please always share your experiences so the other pet owners will know more about things that are dangerous for their fur babies.


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