The family asks the shelter to put their cat down because he has too much attitude

This fluffy and adorable ragdoll cat named Odin took to a local shelter by his family. His family said that the cat was a year old and they didn’t like his attitude towards them. So they decided to ask the shelter because they no longer want the cat to stay in their home.

Unfortunately, the shelter was so shocked because someone want to put down a cat just for being a kitten.

When the cat arrived at the shelter, it was clear that he had been suffering from neglect. He had a severely infected eye that suffers him a lot.

The shelter said that the best thing to do is to remove his infected eye.

That’s why Odin became a one-eyed cat. But he still looks so adorable.

“I only heard from my roommate that her friend had a ragdoll missing an eye that needed a home, So we met him and were told his backstory. It was sad to hear what he had gone through and how much affection he needed in the future. We chose to adopt him and make him a member of our family.” Alaina said.

Odin now loves to sit by the window and watch the outside world. His new family loves and adores him and they don’t understand why others want to give up on him.

So happy for Odin for finding a new family that will love him. A little bit sad because of her old owners.


A lovely reminder for those people who will not take good care of their pets, please don’t hurt them, and please don’t get one if you don’t know how to be gentle to them. They just want to be loved!

One thought on “The family asks the shelter to put their cat down because he has too much attitude

  1. Absolutely. Rotten cat owners! They should never be allowed to be a pet owner ever again. Freaking idiot people out there very sad! Thanks for rescuing and adopting him. Bless you.

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