The Cat Caused A Media Storm Because Of Its Loyalty To Its Owner.

Many people still think of dogs are loyal and affectionate companions while cats are just adorable pets that love to be petted and somewhat aloof. For cat lovers, cats are not heartless, on the contrary, they have more affection for people than dogs.

The touching story of a cat named Rambo, a cat that has caused a storm media because of its loyalty to its owner.

”Rambo had a very close relationship with my l late father”, Fadhil Raihan, the son of the Ԁeceased – the cat’s owner, said.

On the same day Fadhil’s father died, Rambo fell sick and he couldn’t eat or drink anything. However, when Fadhil’s family held a vigil for his father, Rambo and the whole family attended all six days.

In ceremonies, Rambo sat quietly next to the rest of the family and and he seemed to understand what’s going on.

After finishing 6 days of prayer, Rambo’s health deteriorated. Fadhil’s family had to take the cat to the vet several times because of dehydration and severe weakness. At this time, Rambo had to be hospitalized for treatmen.

After leaving the hospital, Rambo was less active, mostly just sleeping and sitting in front of the TV. Rambo’s eyes were empty and lifeless.

Veterinarians believe that Rambo’s illness was due to the great loss of his owner’s death, not by pᴏᴏг health

So Fadhil’s family decided to take Rambo to visit his father’s ɡгɑᴠᴇ. The cat sat quietly and looked around then slowly walked towards his owner’s grave and sat down in front of the headstone.


When he returned, Rambo eats normally again and his һᴇɑʟтһ gradually recovered.

Rambo’s loyalty story received 25,000 shares on Facebook, instantly becoming famous throughout the online community. Fadhil also created a separate Instagram account for the cat named @rambotheloyalcat.

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