Students surprise their teacher with adorable kittens after her 16-year-old cat passed away….

The student’s teacher named Tonya Andrew was so upset after her lovely cat passed away at the age of 16-years-old. So her students decided to surprise and cheer her up by giving her an astonishing gift.

This group of students named Rachel Hanhart, and Ashlei Mahan prepared some cupcakes, balloons, flowers, and two charming kittens to surprise their math teacher.

Tonya knew that the kittens were brought just to play with. Then she was shocked when the students held them out to her and said that the kittens are for her.

The teacher shared to Huffington Post about her old cat named Blondie who died in her arms while on their way to ER vet hospital when she and her husband found that the cat was so sick. After that moment she cried at school. “I thought something was afoot, however, when only half of my class was in my room second period the next day when the tardy bell rang,” Tonya said.


Though there will always be a Blondie shaped hole in Tonya’s heart, she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to share her love with two new rescue kittens. Tonya was so thankful because she can feel the love of the class, her heart was full of joy.

She named the two adorable kittens: Missy and Girlie.

I was so happy to know that students can make their teacher happy by cheering her up when she was feeling so down. You guys are so amazing.

The beautiful moment was caught on camera and has since gone viral. Scroll down below to watch this video, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

The touching video has more than 60,000 retweets and 90,000 favourites on Twitter.



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