Street cat named Bob passed away at the age of 14..

A cat named Bob together with his owner James Owen is always at the corner of the street to perform their lovely songs that will capture everyone’s heart. Until one day, the duo has discovered on the internet and that thing changed their life forever.

Bob inspired James to become a better person before, James had a dark, tough past because he was struggling with drug addiction, it was not easy because his family and friends left him, that’s why he had no choice but to live on the busy street, looking for a portion of food on the trash bins and busking on the sidewalk to have some money.

Not just was James got inspired by Bob, but Bob also inspired the popular book and a film called A Street Cat Named Bob. The duo’s friendship was so special and moved thousands of people and a lot of fans all over the world.

In the darkest days and moments of James, he never thinks that there will be a guardian angel with fur and whiskers that will help him to get back to his pretty life.

Bob was sick when he saw it, he helps the cat to get back to health. All of James’ money that he gets by busking, he used for Bob’s vet’s expenses so that the cat can recover from its illness. He also tried to put Bob in better care so he can have a new home, but Bob kept coming back to James.

James loves Bob so much, that it’s okay for him to starve just to make sure Bob was well fed and had medicine. He always carries Bob when he performs on the street of London. The duo gathered a lot of attention from the passerby. The other people ask for photos and the other left some money.

There was sad news for Bob’s fans and a horrible thing for James. On June 15 his precious cat passed away at the age of 14. The news was confirmed by the book’s publishers named Hodder and Stoughton, together with a heartwarming note from James, they posted on the official Facebook page.

“Bob saved my life. It’s as simple as that. He gave me so much more than companionship. With him at my side, I found a direction and purpose that I’d been missing. The success we achieved together through our books and films was miraculous. He’s met thousands of people and touched millions of lives. There’s never been a cat like him. And never will again. I feel like the light has gone out in my life. I will never forget him.”

The sadness was felt by many people across the world, especially those who love the duo. Although Bob is now gone, the memories will remain and cherish forever.

Bob, you are the most precious one who came into James’ life, we’re sure that you will stay in his heart no matter what! Rest in peace lovely Bob!

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  1. we adopted a 7 year old cat who lived on the streets with an unhomed lady who couldnt care for him any more. We named him Bob when we got him. He is now 14 and moved from Oregon to Portugal with us. I love this story and Bob. Picture of our Bob attached

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