Stray Kitten Has a Beautiful Transformation After Being Adopted by a Woman Who Changed Her Life

There was an animal rescuer and fosterer named Nadija who works at AnimalLurv’s Dream Rescue who got a call about a kitten that has been wandering around someone’s home and was in a bad condition.

When Nadija saw the poor kitten, she immediately brought the poor feline to an emergency vet. According to Nadija, the kitten was so shy and it went from one hideout to another.

“After playing tag for a few minutes, I decided to play a video from YouTube of a mama cat meowing. Within seconds she was running towards me, meowing back, and seemed happy.” Nadija said

The poor feline was named Rue and according to the vet, she was dehydrated and an upper respiratory infection, and had an eye infection. They made her stay at the ER overnight to receive medical treatment that she badly needed.

The next day, Rue started to eat and take her medicines like a champ. She looks so happy to see her rescuer Nadija who went back to her to bring her home to foster her.

“She was snuggling and even started to play, and that’s when I knew Rue would be just fine,” Nadija said

As the days go by, Rue learned to play with toys, and she began to worry less and became more relaxed. The worry on her face was gone.

According to Naadija, Rue’s favorite place for napping is a blanket basket, she will just plop down in it and step inside to have a comfortable sleep.

“One of her favorite things and a skill of hers is to always be able to find the sunny spot in the house to sunbathe,” Nadija said

Rue also had a friend named Ari, the tuxedo cat. They love to hold their paws while sharing the sunbeams.

The stray cat transforms into a playful, lovely, and brave cat because Nadjia gave her lots of love and attention. We are so happy that Rue has a good life now that she really deserves.

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