Stray cat found a new life after battling with the rough life before

The poor cat lies on the floor with 90-degree heat, looks dirty and even has scratches. But there was a man who saw him and give him a chance at life.

A lot of homeless cats in Brooklyn, New York doesn’t have a comfortable shelter to spend their life. And this cat named Winston is one of them, the poor cat has a rough life, but there was a man who saw him and give him a chance at life.

According to the man, he was walking to pick up some cat litter but he ended up coming back with a cat. He saw the poor cat lying on a floor with 90-degree heat. The cat looks so dirty and it also has scratches

The cat was so friendly when he tries to approach it, using his experience with animal rescues, the man used food to get him and he decided to help him and brought him to his home because he doesn’t want to see the animals struggling.

Also, the kind-hearted man was working for a nonprofit organization called Flatbush Cats. Its mission is to decrease the number of homeless cats through trap and release programs. They also rescue and adopts them.

When they arrived home, the man quickly took the cat a bath, and get rid of its fleas. Winston looks so happy and enjoyed it.

The man found out that Winston has a health problem, he has internal parasites, ringworm, and lung inflammation that caused him asthma. But living with a loving human, Winston is now good and feels better.

Winston is now totally healed and enjoying his new life. He is now ready to find his forever home, and it didn’t take long for him to find it!

The adorable cat has been adopted by a lovely family, he is now living his life happy and full of love.

The kind-hearted man was so amazing in helping this poor cat out of its rough life. Also, thanks to the Flatbush Cats for giving Winston the life that he really deserves!

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