Stray Cat Adopted By Policemen Surprised Them With The Cutest Addition To The Force

This genius mother cat perfectly chooses a police station in South Korea where she can stay and give birth to her babies. The station was located at Busan where she receives lots of love and affection.

It’s started when the police officers saw the pregnant cat involved in the horrible accident. All of her kittens died while the mother cat left alone, lonely and devastated. The police officers bury all her babies and after that they didn’t see the mother cat anymore.

After a week, the mother cat went back to the station in Busan and the police officers immediately welcomed her and they are all happy to see her again, they also found out that the cat is pregnant so they decided to accept it and they even set up a spot for her in the guard post.

When the mother cat gave birth to her litters, the police officers fell in love with them and they always take care of them until they are big enough to protect themselves.

They named the mother cat Molang which means I don’t know in English because they are no idea where the mother cat came from.

At first, the officers said that they will only keep the kittens for only few weeks but when the time passed and the kittens are big enough, they don’t want them to leave so the officers decided to let them stay at the station because they love them.

Although it’s hard to concentrate at work because there’s a lot of little ones running around the station, the officers still spend their time with them and making sure that they are healthy and properly nourished.

Molang became an official member of the Force together with her very own cute uniform and insignia. She became serious, responsible and dedicated to her new job. Her kittens also had a very important duty, they accompany, encourage, and support their workmates.

They became the first South Korean feline police family and it’s so adorable. All of them can now walk around the station while wearing their different uniforms and the people in their country recognize them as a hard-working cop.

The feline family also had time to relax in their comfy beds and they also have time to play like their kitten behaviors. It’s so amazing seeing them at the police station as a one big happy family.

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