Shelter Staff Cried When The 15-Year-Old Cat At Their Shelter Finally Found Forever Family After Waiting for Nearly 5 Years..

This poor cat named Muffy went in and out of the shelter and ended up at the Fayette Friends of Animals in Pennsylvania. After arriving at the shelter, she was fostered for a short time and returned again to the shelter where she spent his five years.

Muffy was already old when she went to the shelter. She is comfortable with the other cats but will quickly find a bed so she can relax and have some peace. The staff of the shelter was so worried about her that she can’t find a forever home.

When this woman named Scarlett Wable visited the shelter with her child, to deliver some donations they had collected. The staff wants them to tour their shelter. Once they enter the cat room, Scarlet noticed Muffy curling up in one of the coveted cat beds. She fell in love with the cat and without any hesitation she inquired about Muffy.

“Staff were concerned she would never be adopted, as she is a senior cat, missing teeth, with a cut ear and looked quite stiff when she moved about, she wasn’t the crowd favorite for visitors, but the staff obviously had a soft spot for her. They verbalized their fear of her living the rest of her days without a family to love.” Scarlett explained

The senior cat started to purr when Scarlett went to her and petted her. After a few months. Scarlett went back to the shelter to pick up some volunteer applications but she noticed Muffy again in the cat room. Seeing that the senior cat was still at the shelter breaks Scarlett’s heart.

Scarlett talked to her family about the senior cat, they already have seven cats and one dog, but Scarlett’s family said that everyone deserves a family so they want Muffy to be theirs too.

They went back to the shelter to see and adopt Muffy, when they arrived Scarlett quickly filled out an application. They spotted Muffy in her cage while reaching out her paw to them.

After a few days, the application was approved by the shelter, and Muffy was finally added as their official family member.

When Muffy was about to leave the shelter for good, the staff of the shelter came out to say goodbye to her, others cried because of joy that Muffy found a loving home and family. When Scarlett asks about the adoption fee, the staff said that there is no need to pay the fee because they are so grateful to Scarlet for adopting the senior cat.

When they finally arrived home, Muffy quickly adopt her new environment. She also loves her seven new siblings. According to Scarlett, Muffy loves scratching on her bed and will sleep comfortably if there was a huge pillow around her and air-condition near her.

“Everyone who knew her well there over the past nearly five years loved her and were moved to tears knowing she would live out the rest of her days with her very own family,” Scarlett said

Scarlet keeps sending an update to the shelter because Muffy became the shelter’s favorite resident. When she updates them and sees how happy Muffy is, they are so thankful and happy too.

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