Special Cat Has Been Given A Chance To Live Longer After No One Like Him

The kitten named Benny together with his four siblings was nowhere to go after their human mom passed away. It breaks their heart and he became scared and confused. There were kind-hearted humans to help Benny to have his new home but no one liked him.

Benny is so special. He is blind and has hydrocephalus that caused fluid on his brain. He was taken into a vet’s office in Northern California and it became his temporary home.

The poor cat always looks at the cage door and hopes someone will come and adopt him. But still, no one came to the vet’s office. They reached out for help to everyone and when Milo’s Sanctuary heard about Benny’s condition they quickly stepped in for help.

The Sanctuary believes that every cat deserves to have a second chance at a beautiful life so they are always open to helping the poor creatures.

“After a trip down from Northern California, Benny went to his Lifetime Care Foster home where he’s settled in and starting to learn that he’s safe and loved,” Milo’s Sanctuary said.

Benny is now getting his treatment including sub fluids because he doesn’t drink from a bowl, he also has regular blood tests and homeopathic treatment as well as a diet because of his intestinal sensitivities.

According to the Sanctuary, Benny is doing great he is only five years old and he already made it so far without having radical treatment or intervention for his strength.

Having a loving home helps him to recover so fast because he received so much love and attention from his lovely humans.

“Even being blind and having hydrocephalus doesn’t slow him down! He climbed up the cat tree and settled in for a nap all by himself,” Milo’s Sanctuary said.

After two months, Benny changes a lot but he remained a sweet, gentle ginger boy with a sense of humor. He loves scratching and playing with his toys.

It feels so grateful knowing that there are a lot of people who will do everything just to give the poor creatures the life that they deserve. We hope that Benny will soon find his forever home with a loving family that will accept him no matter what.

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