Soldiers in Ukraine are blessed and fell in love with homeless cats

In Eastern Ukraine, there are soldiers in the dugouts found comfort for being a companion of homeless cats. Some of them are not homeless but got rescued from shelled villages and they are helping to protect soldiers who are living and fighting in the area.

Almost 15 cats had taken up residence together with the soldiers in Volodymyr’s section of military.

The cats need to look after and provide for oneself without any help from others that’s why the soldiers didn’t hesitate to take care of them and feed them by pouring their leftover soup.

Their military medical attendant said that the cats give a morale boost to homesick soldiers, and they became an anti-depressant that will lift their mood because every time their calling the cats it will quickly run to them with their happy and excited faces, it feels better!

This one soldier was really proud to her black hunting cat named Chernuka. Because a lot of mice are running around their dugout and Chernuka caught them all.

Having these adorable cats around is truly a blessing for the soldiers, it also helps them to feel relax and bringing a short period of relief from their difficult work.

Another soldier shared his extremely happy experience, he said that one time after coming back to their dugouts and taking a rest while lying down on the bed, the cat also lies on his stomach and wants to be petted that’s why he feels so relief.

After spending months on the dugouts with their adopted cats, some of them have ended up taking their new friends home, away from the battle ground.

Let’s help them by praying that the war in Ukraine will ended as soon as possible. So that the people and animals in the country will be at peace and safe.

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