Smart stray cat leads a woman to the store and asks her to buy him food.

Tania Lizbeth Coy Tova is a 33-year-old teacher who spotted a stray cat at her local supermarket in Piedras Negras in Mexico. When she saw the cat, she took a video of it. And as you can see in the video after Tania gently approaches the cat, he tries to follow her inside the supermarket. And in a few seconds, the cat leads Tania to the animal food stall and points to the cat food.



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But the good thing is that the cat didn’t only have food, he also has a forever home because Tania adopted him and brought him home.

According to Tania, she was charmed by the adorable cat so she decided to adopt it. She named it Conejo, which means rabbit because the cat has no tail.

She brought him to the vet to have medical care o make sure that the Rabbit is healthy. She also brought a lot of toys. And now, the rabbit is safe and happy living with his new family.

Cats are really smart. They know who to approach when they really want something or they want to be adopted. We heard a lot of stories like these before and we’re happy to know that there are a lot of people who have a kind heart that still helps the poor creatures.

Watch the video of Rabbit leading Tania to a food stall, we’re sure that it will make you happy.

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