Woman rescued her cat the day he was to be euthanized, 11 years later, he saves her from a fire

We all know that cat has 9 lives. And this cat used one of his 9 lives just to save his lovely human, and this cat named Tony.

For Robin Lawsons, Tony’s owner, the tragic scene is like a bad dream.

“Cats pick you out, you always know, you always know,” Robin said.

Tony is now recovered from his third-degree burns on his stomach and paws, he looks so horrible when he came onto the Towne and Country Animal Clinic.

Dr. David Kocher of the animal clinic said that Tony’s condition is worst and he still survived. He was huffing and puffing.

Robin is so thankful for her cat. She also said that when the tragedy happened she was asleep in her bed with her dog when she heard Tony meowing differently.

“It wasn’t a meow meow or an attitude yowl, It was just a consistent meow,” Robin said.  Then she finally woke up and found out that her home was deluged by flames.

“I saw fire one to my left, one around the room, thick smoke, and I heard him, and I couldn’t, I couldn’t figure out where he was,” Robin said.

Sadly she had to leave Tony behind.

“Watching your apartment burn, and you know that you got a beloved animal you can’t get to,”

Finally, the firefighters came!

“Man I heard that door go down and I heard someone yelling they got the cat! They got the cat!” she said.

The firefighters found Tony, his stomach and paws were on fire and he wasn’t breathing. They were able to revive him.  And through tears, as she clutches her hero, a thank you to the men who risked their lives to save Tony’s.

It is really hard to leave those lovely animals when there was a tragic situation. We are so grateful to those brave firefighters for risking their lives just to save everyone’s life. We salute you!

One thought on “Woman rescued her cat the day he was to be euthanized, 11 years later, he saves her from a fire

  1. Absolutely amazing!!! You firefighters are such heros to me! And I am so happy that tony didn’t die. I would love for y’all to keep me updated on how’s doing please.

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