Senior cɑt liᴠed 17 yeɑrs in neɡlect finally finds someone she loᴠes ɑnd won’t let go

In India, there was a kind-hearted woman who made the 17-year-old cat feel love and happy again after being abandoned.

She saw the cat named Mila at the mechanic’s garage. The woman said that sometimes the cat will come and go and will be gone for days but in the past few years, the cat didn’t leave the garage at all.

So, the woman decided to call for help and contacted Here Kitty Kitty Rescue and hopes that the cat will soon find her forever loving home.

One of the staff of the rescue group named Jennifer examined the cat and found out that she was so thin, and her fur was matted and covered in fleas. Also, she was in pain because her nails are growing into her paw pads and she can’t walk properly.

“As she was bathed the water that poured over her emaciated body was stained crimson red,” Jennifer said

They cleaned the cat and remove all the matted furs. Mila feels so happy and keeps rubbing her face on the staff. It was the first time Mila felt no more pain. She was put in a foster home and after a few days, she found her new forever home.

“The first few days that she spent with me in her forever home, she slept a lot. She gets tons of unconditional love and attention,” Mila’s new human mom said.

The grandkids of her human mom love to be with Mila and play with her. She even became their feline babysitter

“She has got the most easygoing personality. My two cats weren’t sure about her at first, but she didn’t care. She just goes on about her business. I also have two dogs that occasionally feel the need to sniff her. It doesn’t bother her in the least. She is fitting in wonderfully!” Mila’s mom said

Mila’s new name is Rosie and her new family said that they will give her everything she needs during her golden years so she can feel happy and comfortable with them.

Rosie’s story taught us that no matter how old you are don’t stop believing in hope, because miracles happen every day.  We are so happy for the senior cat to have the best life that she really deserves!

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