Senior Cat Gave His Final Years to Help the Orphaned Kittens

The senior cat named Runt spent his entire life being a stray until the kind-hearted woman named Emily took him. According to Emily, when he first saw Runt, I was in a horrible condition, he was malnourished, had several wounds on his face and eras and he also had a respiratory infection. She quickly brought him to the Lake Country Animal Shelter in Florida.


At the shelter, Runt receive treatment for his wounds for several weeks until he was good enough to transfer to his foster home, so Emily decided to foster Runt temporarily together with her other pets.

According to Emily, it feels like Runt likes his new place together with other senior pets because his first night was so comfortable and he slept like he’s been there for a long time.

Emily brought home two orphaned kittens named Dolly and Reece, Runt quickly stepped in to be their parent and he give them lots of affection.

Every time Emily will bring orphaned kittens into their home, Runt always becomes their real father. Runt loves them and it feels like he wants to dedicate his life to the rescued kittens so they can feel better and safe.

Emily posts photos every day of her beloved pets because she wants to show people how amazing animal shelters are. Check them out!

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