Senior Cat Begs To The Rescuers Until They Help Her

There was a 15-year-old cat named Squishy together with her 17-year-old sister have been rescued from their rough life.

Squishy became very close to her rescuers and she don’t want to let them go. The sister was given up at the Kitty Adventure League when their previous owners can’t take care of them anymore. Karyn Poplin the founder of the sanctuary helped them where they can have a comfortable home where they can spend their golden years.

“We are unsure of the actual reason, but the two sisters needed a place for they were going to be euthanized,” Karyn said

When the sisters arrived at their new home, Squishy quickly wants to cuddle with Karyn and she can’t say no to it. According to Karyn, Squishy loves to be held and didn’t think about anything as long as she is being handed. It even follows her in every corner of the house and ignored the other resident cats.

“If I’m holding her, she just smiles and purrs. I can go about my business. If I’m not holding her, she gets annoyed at me. If I flat out ignore her, she will sneak under my blanket or behind my back just to be near me,” Karyn said

Karyn doesn’t have privacy when she is with Squishy, so she brought a carrier and put the cat there so she can have her every time while doing other things and Squishy became happy with it.

Squishy weighs five pounds but he has a lot of squishy skin and it’s so perfect. While Karyn is switching between a blanket and the carrier just to keep Squishy everywhere she wants and nothing makes her happy than cuddling with her mom.

According to Karyn, Squishy has a loud purr and really wants to have lots of attention. Squishy and her sister really love their new home and received lots of love from their new human.

A big thanks to Karyn for being kind-hearted to those poor creatures, they can now have the best life during their golden years.

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