Scared homeless mother cat was fed by two kind-hearted men after that she returns with her cute tiny kittens

When these two men saw a cat, they decided to give her a portion of food but it’s too obvious that the cat was so scared and nervous in front of people, so they just leave it and left. They did it for many months every time they were going to pass by the area.

One day, the cat surprises the two men who keep bringing her food. She brought her adorable kittens so the two men can meet her babies.  When they saw the cat with its little babies, they were so shocked and happy, that they even spent about an hour with them and playing with the little kittens.

The mother cat was obviously not scared anymore, so the two men decided to bring them indoors because they don’t want to leave them on the streets. At first, things went hard because the kittens want to come out one by one to their crates. But things went smooth after the family cat went comfortable.

The mother cat was able to relax and feel comfortable that her babies were safe and sound. The two men also start to find a perfect home for the family. But for now, they will stay with them first until they saw someone who is willing to have them.

A big thanks to these two men for being kind-hearted with these lovely creatures, you guys are amazing!

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