Rejected Cat without Eyes Gets a Holiday Mystery

Alanna Lundin and her three children love animals, in fact, her family has been fostering kittens and dogs for almost a year. One sunny day while they were watching the news they saw this cute blind little kitten named Ilene that had been published in the news.


She and her children didn’t hesitate to adopt this adorable kitten. They know for them to get this kitten they need to arrive early in OHS. Alanna says “We’ve taken care of bottle babies, puppies recovering from surgery, and animals that are too young to be at the shelter,” then she said that “When we saw her story on the news, it broke our hearts,” based on Alanna story her children are the one who decided to adopt Ilene because they saw that there’s something special about her.

Alanna’s teenage children believe that being part of a loving and caring family could help heal even the deepest wounds. They believe that animals are like humans; they all have their own feelings too.


Alanna also thinks that this kitten has similarities to her adopted children. Her children aged 10, 11, and 14 have been victims of willful lack of care and attention. But Alanna didn’t hesitate to bring these children to her home and shower them with love, care, understanding, and affection. Alanna gives them a chance to start all over again and to start a new chapter of their lives.

Alanna thinks that having a pet in their house might give their family benefits. It will help her children to be more responsible and understand that Ilene is like them but they won’t let this little Ilene experience the rejection they experienced before. Alanna says that “I wanted to teach the kids and show them how we love animals and people,”.


“OHS has helped us become a family. It is a privilege that we are trusted with these baby animals. We learn a lot from them.” added Alanna

A month ago Alanna adopted her three children and now they are bringing Ilene to be part of their family. A simple achievement they made was a family. “This is the first time, as a family, that we have picked a pet to adopt,” notes Alanna.

Ilene is settling into her new home and joins Alanna’s family and the other three other cats who were adopted from OHS. “Adopting this special kitten has been a good thing for all of us.”

Adopting cats is like adopting a child. They also need love, care, and affection.  Animals are like human, they also have feelings. They cry when they are hurt, and they hide their fear, but their love is more than a human can give.


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