Poor kitten keeps walking and became exhausted until she found kind-hearted people who changed her life

This poor cat was found very exhausted and thin when she saw a driveway and stopped there and the owners of the driveway quickly took her and helped her.

According to the family, the kitten was underweight and had a congested nose. One of her eyes was almost closed because of the infection with discharge that’s why they decide to take care of her until she got better.

They named her Sweetie, at first the family planned to find a perfect home for her but now, they want her to stay with them.

The loving family found out that Sweetie had an upper respiratory infection, and they quickly treat her, Sweetie was very cooperative with them.

“We bought her a dropper and gave her formula that way, and she really liked it.” One of the family said.

They keep treating her until one day, Sweetie’s health is now improving, her eyes and nose had cleared, and also her an upper respiratory infection and she also gained weight.

When Sweetie finally feels better, she keeps hiding her personality not until she met Mickey, a resident cat who is really friendly and has a good personality too.

“Mickey used to be the new who started the pay-fights. Now she does most of the time.” the family said

Every time Sweetie finishes playing with Mickey, she will quickly go to her human and fell asleep with it.

From being a poor kitten, Sweetie blossomed into a gorgeous and lovable cat, that’s why her family wants her to stay with them forever.

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