Police see tiniest kitten on highway — and shut down whole road to save her

Sometimes, the leɑst threɑtening suspects ɑre the hɑrdest ones to cɑtch.

On the high-way Auckland in New Zealand, a police officer received a call about a little orange cat who was attempting to cause an accident on the area. The good police officer quickly responded to the report and went to the area.

When the police arrived at the location where the kitten was hunched against a concrete barrier, but when the little kitten saw the police officer, she quickly run away across the three lanes of a busy road.

The police officer had no choice, so he decided to temporarily block the whole route to avoid danger for the little kitten, and finally he got the little kitten and now it’s safe.

“It took them a little more than a half hour to rescue her,” Shelley Nahr, the department’s communications coordination explained

After the police office put the kitten on his patrol car and had a phone call before they leave the area, he went back to his car and the kitten was nowhere to be found, he quickly searches every corner of her car until he heard a fainted meow coming from the dashboard. The officer quickly drove to the nearby mechanic just to safe the kitten for the second time.

When they arrived at the mechanic, they quickly removed the whole dashboard from the police car, and they found out that the kitten was trapped behind the heating fan.

After a week, the kitten found a new home, there was a woman named Glenda, she was a dispatcher who answered the 911 call about the cat and she believed that this little kitten will change their life so she adopted her.


According to Shelley, the kitten was now living with her new loving family together a with bulldog named Dobby. They also give her a named Winky. Her new family gave her lots of love and attention, and she also had a great bond with Dobby.

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