People on TikTok are obsessed with a cat that walks like a Human after losing his front paws

This adorable and handsome boy named Rex lives in Canada and became a TikTok sensation. The poor boy fell in a water dish when he was young and living on a farm which caused him to lose his front paw and most of his tail and sadly, they froze. Starting that day Rex has been learning how to adapt to everyday life using his back legs only.

When Rex’s owners decided to share a bit of photos and videos of him on Instagram and TikTok, he became a star and gained a lot of people who loves him.

A lot of fans on TikTok said that Rex would do so much better if the owners would get some rugs. But the owners quickly respond and said that there is an actual reason they don’t buy rugs anymore, it’s because Rex loves peeing them.

Rex fans fell in love with him, they even asked the owners to send him hugs and kisses from people who can’t pet him in person.

Rex already had 3k followers on Instagram and 117k followers on TikTok. His videos had been watched almost a 2.7million times. So why don’t you give him a follow too? We are sure that you will fall in love with him too if you saw his photos and videos.

“I’ve had him for 4-5 years. When I got him], he was maybe 6-8 months old. I adopted him because I wanted a cat, I was visiting my friend’s farm, and thought he was cute. He lived on a farm and as a kitten, he got wet from his water dish and ended up freezing and fell off due to frostbite. This happened before I got him. He never saw a vet until I took him to one after he was healed up already, to my knowledge.” Rex’s owners explained.

Rex also has a brother and they get along well, always love to cuddle and sleep together. His brother cleans his face for him.

Follow Rex on TikTok and Instagram to know more about this handsome feline. We are happy to know that a lot of people love him and adore him.

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