Mother cat with her two kittens waits for someone’s door until they finally went inside

There were cats who lined up by the glass door and waits for someone to notice them. The owner of the house saw them and that is where the cats change their life.

A stray cat showed up at the door of a resident in North Carolina, with her two 4-5 month-old kittens. They lined up by the door looking through the glass as if they were ready to leave the streets behind.

The house owner reaches for help at Sparkle Cat Rescue hoping that they will give them a forever home.

When they were brought to the shelter, they discovered that the mother cat was pregnant again, and to make sure that they are safe they contacted their fellow rescue organization which is Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue so they can have a foster home.

The two kittens were big enough to have their own family that’s why they stayed at the Sparkle Cat Rescue, soon they will have a forever home and home but their mom loves to cuddle with her new human friends.

“Ally was instantly the sweetest girl, melting into her foster mom’s lap and begging for any and all attention,” Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

According to Sarah, the mother cat was the most affectionate cat that she saw because it loves to seek out a lap or arm and will cuddle continuously.

The mother cat found a favorite spot which is sitting by the window where she enjoys seeing flying birds. The mother cat was originally named Ally and she looks so happy to be able to raise her new upcoming babies in a warm and comfortable home.

“Ally is getting in all the cuddles before she has babies to raise. She is soaking up the TLC from her foster mom.” Sarah said

Now, they are waiting for her babies to come out, and once they are born Ally will be spayed and vetted, and soon, they are all ready to find them forever homes.

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