Mother cat runs five times into aflame building to save all her kittens

The mother cat named Scarlett and her five kittens were in an abandoned garage when the fire started in a crack house in Brooklyn on March 30,1996. N.Y.C fire department responded to a call about the fire and extinguished it quickly. When the fire was under control, one of the firemen named David Giannelli saw the mother cat carrying her kittens one by one away from the burning garage.

The cat was severely burned because she was running into the fire so many times in order to save her kittens. Her eyes were completely blistered shut, the ears and paws are burned too. Her other facial hair had been burnt off.

When she finally saves her all babies, she checked them one by one using her nose to know if they are all alive, she wasn’t able to see them clearly because of the blisters on her eyes. After knowing that her babies are alive and safe she suddenly collapsed unconscious.

Netizens immediately bring Scarlett and her babies to a veterinary clinic at the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington where they were all treated. Sadly the weakest of her babies which is the white coated kitten died shortly after from a virus a month after the incident of fire.

Three months after their treatment and recovery, Scarlet and her surviving kittens were all well enough to be adopted, during that time one of the staff of the clinic said that Scarlett was spoiled and treated like a queen.

Scarlett with her bravery, uncompromising love and triumph over all odds became popular on October 15,2008, even the Heroin calico made a headline all over the world for keeping her five kittens safe and sound.

Then Scarlett lost her battle with multiple illnesses after living with her adoptive family for over 12 years.

Mothers love is truly unconditional and full of sacrifices!

Scarlett’s story will never get old.



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