Mommy cat tries sneaking into the vet clinic to reunite with her abandoned kittens

There was a Vet clinic in New Zealand that realize there was a cat who keeps sneaking outside and trying to go into the office because she was trying to come to her kitties that had been abandoned there.

The next morning, there was a small tabby cat that appeared at the door of the clinic and looks like it is trying to sneak in every time customers arrived and opened the door. In the end, the staffs give way and brought the cat into the building and they discovered that the cat was carrying milk and trying to look for something.

After realizing that the cat was looking for its kittens, the staff put the mommy cat and kitties together.

The mommy cat was finally reunited with her four little babies at the vet clinic. Mothers’ love is truly unconditional, they will do everything to be with their babies again. They look so happy together.


For now, they will stay at a foster home at the clinic until they found a forever home.

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