Meet Princess Monster Truck, A Poor Cat That Was Rescued From The Streets

A cat named Princess Monster Truck has the weirdest names we’ve ever heard, but despite her name, this cat has captured lots of hearts online.

Princess was rescued by her owners from the busy street, although her big and bright fangs are at the bottom of her jaw, she proved that having dangerous fangs can be totally adorable.

She used her online fame despite having a different appearance to help other stray and rescue animals to get adopted too.

“Came tumbling out of the bush when we were walking home one night from dinner,” her owner said.

When the owner first saw Princess, her hair was totally matted and she is so thin and looked very hungry. Princess is an all-black cat so they didn’t completely see the teeth until Princess looked up at them and meowed so weird.

“When I saw her face I kind of shrieked and said ‘what is it?” the owner said.

They decided not to leave her because she didn’t look like a survivor, so they brought her to their house.

They brought Princess to the vet, and all the staff there laughed at her.

“After they stopped laughing about her, I had to ask whether they thought Monster was born that way or whether something happened to her,” the owner said.

The vet told him that Princess’s condition looks like from birth the way her jaw was structured, and this kind of condition commonly happens in Persian breeds.

Princess still looks pretty and lovely. We hope that her popularity online will help a lot of animals who have different appearances because they also deserve to be loved.

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