Little girl sings “You are my sunshine” to her dying cat…

Everyone can be a cat lover, weather you are young or old you can offer love and comfort for them.

At the age of four years old, this little girl named Abby Merryn loves her best friend so much, she gave a lot of time for Bailey during his most difficult moments.

Since Abby was born, she and her family’s cat Bailey – had become inseparable close friends. The 14-year-old senior cat and the little girl became best buddies. The two love to spend time together, Abby often sing and read to her orange cat and Bailey loves it so much, and it seems like Bailey can understand each word that Abby sings perfectly.

They also play dress-up together with Abby’s little sister. You can really say that Bailey is a part of their family and he loves it.

Sadly, at the age of 14 Bailey diagnosed with kidney failure it means he would soon leave the comfort of Abby and the whole family.

That’s why when Bailey was getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge, Abby held Bailey to comfort him and lovingly sang “You Are My Sunshine” to him for the last time.

Erin Merryn, mom of Abby and Bailey captured the very touching moment on camera and shared the  devotion on social media.

After few hours Bailey passed away.

The whole family and Bailey’s fans were feel very shocked and upset by it.

Although Bailey is gone, his memory lives on in the heart of his family. They love to share their memories on Bailey’s Instagram Page.

Fans from all over the world sent condolences and well wishes to the family after Bailey’s death. They also sent ginger cat plush toys for the two little girl to snuggle with.

Erin Merryn thanks to all nice people who decided to give up time out of their day to help during this sad time. These letters made two little girls happy. And, despite losing their furry buddy, her memory will forever live on in their hearts.

“Thank you to all who sent cards, they loved opening them. You made this difficult time a little easier.” Abby’s mother said.

Then, Merryn family has welcomed home a new member of their family, and the little carrot enjoys playing with Abby and all the plush ginger kitty toys  that came after Bailey passed away.

It’s happy to know that they didn’t forget Bailey’s memory although they have a new kitten in the

If you want to watch Abby singing to Bailey you should prepare a lot of tissues next to you.

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