Kitten Have Been Rescued by Firefighters After Being Stuck Inside the ATM

The Fort Smith Fire Department share on their Facebook page about their rescue kitten after being stuck inside the ATM in Arkansans. It looks like the tiny kitten meowed so loud so that the people will hear him.

Everyone doesn’t have any idea how the cat went there, maybe the kitten believed that he can steal the cash inside the ATM. Just like the Ocean’s Eleven Franchise, their iconic surfer robbery romp Point Break because there were a lot of movies including the kitten who attempted robbery.

Their Facebook post gained so much attention from people online. Most of the comments share that they are confused about how the kitten went there. Others jokingly said that ATMs now provide kittens too so they want to know what button will they push so they can get the kitten.

After the rescue became a success, there are no updates about the kitten but it was at the animal care control now and they will surely give the kitten all its needs.

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