Kitten Gets Her Very Own Photo Shoot — Just Like A Real Baby

An amazing photographer named Kitty Scahub usually takes beautiful photos of newborn babies, so when her family got a cute tiny 8-week-old cat, she tried her passion to take a most wonderful photo.

Kitty and her husband adopted a Luna for their little girl named Amelie. So, Amelie and Luna become great best friends from the first day they met. They are inseparable, they do all things together.

When Luna came to their home, she quickly became a full-fledged member of their happy family. Because Luna is so tiny, she assembled like a newborn baby, that’s why Kitty knew that it would be wonderful if she makes a photoshoot for her and welcome her to her passion.

After deciding to take Luna on a photoshoot, Kitty quickly dressed Luna with an adorable headband and swaddled her like a baby. She captured the cutest photos that you’ll ever see and posted some cutest photos on her Facebook page. When people saw the photos, they went crazy and in love.

The cute photos of Luna have almost 60,000 shares. And because Luna’s photoshoot was successful, Kitty decided to sell it to benefit Save-A-Stray in St. Joseph in Michigan.

“We had no clue it would blow up this much, she had no idea what was going on!” Kitty said.

As of the moment, they sold 100 photos of Luna. Kitty is still hoping to raise more money to help the others.

Those photos are the cutest things we’ve ever seen! We are hoping that Kitty will continue doing those wonderful things so she can help the other homeless and hopeless cats everywhere.

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