Japanese company brings in cats to counter employee stress

In Tokyo, Japan there was an IT firm company that introduced an office cat for the stressful work environment.

There was a total of nine cats who walks, eat, sleep freely in their office.

Hidenobu Fukuda is the head of Ferray that introduced the office cat policy because of a 2000 times request from one of his employees, allowing members of staff to bring cats to work. After that, he allows any employee to bring their trusted felines.

“Cats are sleeping just beside us. It’s healing,” Eri Ito one of the employees said.

Fukuda encourages bringing cats into the office, but he also encourages rescues from Japan’s populated shelters or streets.

“I also give 5,000 yen ($45) a month to those who rescue a cat,” Fukuda said.

There were still some obstacles to having cats at the office.

“Sometimes a cat will walk on a phone and cut off the call, or they shut down the computers by walking onto the off switch,” Fukuda said.

It become a big success for Fukuda’s employees and cats as well. The good thing is many companies do the same thing. It can help stray cats to have a comfortable place, and we know that they are happy to help those humans.

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