Homeless tiny cat follows man home and begs him to adopt it

There was a man who is on his way home when a little cat appeared, seems like the kitten knew that this man is a good human that will take care of him.

So, he followed the man home and persuade him to adopt him and become his lovely human.

The man decided to take him home and give him a second chance at a wonderful life. He gave the tiny kitten some food and the cat immediately took over his human’s bed. This kitten was so smart, that he used his cuteness and intelligence to beg the man to adopt him.

The man gave him the name Nala because he thought that the kitten was a girl.

After adopting the kitten, it started to live indoor life. The cute kitten always wants his owner’s attention, he laid down on his human’s laptop when he tried to work.

Now, it’s been four years since Nala found his lovely human, he is grown into a handsome ginger boy. He also has his big adventure in life from Kenya to America and moved into his forever-loving home.

Nala is really living his best life right now. We are so glad to know about it. A big thanks to his human who saved him and accept him.

Cats are really smart, they know those people that will help them and those who have a good heart that will give them the life that they deserve. And those people are so amazing.

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