Homeless cat tries to drag his dying friend to safety, hopefully it’s not too late to save him

Animals’ friendship is way purer than people’s friendship. Animals won’t betray each other, but they are always there for their companions to help each other’s special one who needs the most.

In the Songbei district in China, they show the loyalties of cats to a fallen friend. It is so upsetting to see the cat on a video when an onlooker is secretly filming the cat that is trying to save his companions to a safe place.

This heartwarming clip of a cat fulfilling his duty to carry his feline friend was cumbersome to safety. He didn’t stop until they were in the safest spot under a parked car on the side of the road.

People share their thoughts and opinions about this video. Some people say in comments that the cat wants a private place for his friend to grieve. Some say that the cat might think that his friend is still alive and just shocked by the impact, so he just finds a place for his friend to rest from the accident.

People are still giving their opinions on why this can help their companions even know that the other cat is dying. Viewers can give their different opinions about what really happened to the other cat, but no one knows the real reason why the other cat helps his companions. Because no one can read his mind and feel the pain of losing a friend.

But the point here is that cats or other animals have feelings too. They feel sad, happy, angry, and annoyed, but one thing is for sure, they will always help each other, especially in the hardest parts of their lives. We can just tell what we see, but we can’t see how they hurt from losing someone they loved.

We all know that animals are wittier than other living things in the world. But one thing is certain: they always help and protect one another, particularly their friends and family.

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