Heroic man saves a cat from the freeway while others refused to help

This man stopped in the middle of the freeway to rescue a cat that is holding into a metal fence and meowing for help. The heroic man named Richard Christianson knew that he needs to save the cat, so he didn’t think twice.

“It’s crazy how people just assumed this cat was hit by a car and was dead,” he wrote on Facebook. Rescue groups told him that it was too dangerous to get the cat while cars raced by around him. The cat wasn’t dead or hit by a car, it was just stuck on the freeway… the cat was scared and dehydrated.” He decided to take matters into his own hands.” Richard explained.

Richard was surprised because the cat looks at him like asking him to save him. When the poor cat saw Richard walking toward him it looks so joyous and relieved, and when he was about to pick the cat there is no struggle anymore, it just went in his arms and started to purr.

“I have presented a situation in life where I had the opportunity to help out a little friend who was in a bad jam in which I chose to take part in and help out,” he wrote. “As humans, we all should look out for one another, Life is a life, in any case, if it’s skin, fur, feathers, or scales,” Richard said.

He named the cat Freeway and brought him to the Arizona Humane Society for some medical care. The cat had two surgeries, and after more than 30 days of recovery, the lucky cat was finally ready to go home with the man who saves him.

Freeway was an American curl cat that has been through a rough time but the man who saved him invested so much for the cat and he is willing to give everything and do everything to help the cat get better and feel loved and comfortable in his new forever home.

“A few seconds of kindness can last a lifetime,” Richard said.

This kind-hearted man is such a hero! He gave Freeway a new lovely and happy life.

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