Heroic Man Saved A Cat In A Road Full Of Passing Cars.

While driving on a busy road in Malaysia, Masz Masuri and his son saw something white on the road. They thought that it was just a piece of trash, but when they closer to it they saw those pointy ears that looked like a cat.

He stopped the car immediately that caused a light traffic and the drivers at their back beeped but Masuri was undismayed he get out of the car and hurried over the cat, who was pressed against the concrete barrier and shaking with fear.

The cat was so dirty and it looks traumatized, the body was trembling and covered in its own waste. But he didn’t have any struggle to get the cat because it didn’t run away. Masuri is one of the cofounder of Kitty Konnexion Community it’s a organization that helps homeless cats in the country of Singapore and Malaysia.

Masuri has no idea how the cat got on the highway, but he had a theory. After helping the stray cat he named it Danga Boy and put it into the backseat of his car and they went straight to a veterinary clinic. The meowed so loud and hid under the seat.

Danga Boy looks like he was tied up with a harness or leash and dragged across the road that caused a fractured leg and it was so bad to the point that he couldn’t move his leg.

Masuri posted some photos on social media which helped Danga Boy to find a new family.

There’s a Kind hearted who saw Masuri’s post online and they immediately talk to him. They even paid all the medical bills and request they not be named just to maintain their privacy and Masuri respect it.

Once Danga Boy is released from the clinic, He will go to his new home and live there with other cats. He will be a very happy cat for sure. It makes us feel satisfied and thankful too because there’s still peoples who has a good heart that will take good care to them even they came from anywhere.

We can help homeless cats too! How?  Just follow Kitty Konnexion Community on Facebook.

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